HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Children and Family Services Bureau of Appeals This application establishes and maintains cases where citizens have appealed administrative decisions regarding services provided by DCFS. In-Progress 3 - High Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies lost. Benefits such as SNAP, FITAP, and KCSP could be erroneously withheld from constituents if the application fails and fair hearing appeal requests could not be processed. Additionally, clients who should be classified as ineligible to receive benefits may receive such benefits if the application failed, preventing the Dept. from processing requests for Administrative disqualification hearings. Ultimately, issues caused by the failure of this application could result in a loss of federal funding for the department due to non-compliance with federal regulations. Normal 100K-500K OEPT-378
Department of Children and Family Services DCFS Client DCFS Client provides DCFS staff access to client/case information via online inquiry with read-only access to identify clients receiving DCFS services in 21 program areas. The application resulted in the integration of the Centralized Clearance and the Interim State Identification Issuance System adding a higher degree of client tracking and security of access to client/case information. This system is slated to be decommissioned. Not Started 3 - High Impact This system is used to achieve efficiencies and have no bearing on income generation or socio-economic impacts. If it were to fail, no federal funding would be impacted. Potential degradation of services to constituents from undetermined potential efficiencies lost. Normal 100K-500K Integrated Eligibility System OEPT-389
Department of Children and Family Services Family Resource Center (FRC) This application was built to empower families to attain self-sufficiency and ongoing independence. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies lost. The application collects data on family-based interventions offered to families in an effort to prevent out of home placement of children, promote reunification efforts for children in out of home care, and to support adoption and permanency efforts. Normal 100K-500K OEPT-396
Department of Children and Family Services Job Opportunity and Basic Skills Training Program (JB) Aid JOBS field case managers in their assistance to TANF clients in their effort to become self-sufficient by access to education, job readiness, job skills, training, job search, on-the-job training, and community work experience. This system is slated to be decommissioned. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact This application does not impact revenue generation, but it does fulfill program requirements for the annual TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) grant. If this application were to fail, the agency would be in jeopardy of losing the TANF grant due to non-compliance and the annual TANF grant is valued at $163,971,985.00. The application provides a payment mechanism for supportive services to participants so they can achieve self-sufficiency. Program participants receive a monthly stipend and the failure of the application would prevent DCFS from making the supportive payments to program participants. Normal 75M-100M Integrated Eligibility (IE) System OEPT-399
Department of Children and Family Services Louisiana Automated Online Information System (LAMI) This system provides eligibility determination and benefit-calculation system encompassing human services programs. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact LAMI does not impact revenue generation; however, LAMI issues an average of $112,049,588 in SNAP benefits and $1,484,135 in TANF benefits each month and, if the application failed, these benefits would not be issued, potentially resulting in DCFS losing its annual TANF grant of $163,971,985 and its SNAP Administrative Costs funding of approximately $58,000,000 for non-compliance. If LAMI were to fail, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) applications and redeterminations could not be processed. There are currently 410,348 SNAP households representing 890,723 individuals and 5,923 TANF households representing 14,375 individuals in Louisiana. Key 75M-100M Integrated Eligibility (IE) System OEPT-412
Department of Children and Family Services State Online Query (SOLQ) This application provides the State Human Services agencies with online access to the Social Security Administration enumeration service, Title II and Title XVI benefit data. This is set to be decommissioned and replaced with Integrated Eligibility in FY 2019. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact Failure of the system could delay processing of files, which could result in the loss of $58M in FNS Administrative funding for non-compliance. SOLQ provides DCFS staff online access to the Social Security Administration enumeration verification service, Title II and Title XVI benefit data. SOLQ is an enhancement of the SIEVS system in that it is restricted to queries only, resulting in efficiencies for program staff. Normal 100K-500K SOLQI OEPT-417