HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Education Student Information System (SIS) SIS is used to collect data on students attending public and non-public schools. The data collected is used for various programs and objectives. Allocations to Federal program subrecipients are based on information that is maintained in the SIS database. The 68 parish/city school districts, the two lab schools, all charter schools, and the Recovery School District (RSD) are required to enter student data in SIS. The SIS database is comprised of enrollment records for each student in Louisiana’s Public Schools. The student information contained within the database is demographic, disciplinary, enrollment, and exit related. Individual students are identified in the system by state identification number, which in some cases may be the student’s social security number. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact Inability to fulfill state and federal reporting requirements will result in the loss of State and Federal funds. If unavailable, DOE would not be able to calculate MFP funding nor generate federally required reporting. This would result in less money going to the school districts, ultimately reducing various educational programs available to students. The Office of Civil Rights reporting comes from this system. Key 1M-2M EdLink 360 OEPT-455