HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Education Student Transcript System (STS) The student transcript system (STS) currently collects detailed transcript data on Louisiana students in both public and nonpublic high schools. Data are sent throughout the year in both online and batch form. Two different groups extract data from STS: Board of Regents and LOSFA. Regents request their Ranking File at three “harvests”: February 15th, June 15th and September 15th. That file has one record per student and contains student demographic data, their overall GPA, progress toward post-secondary acceptance criterion, and two calculated ranks: rank in graduating class and rank in whole class. LOSFA runs their extracts throughout the year, but are more active in a May-September timeframe. The extract gives details on a student progress toward a TOPS award, and is one record per student per award per award category. Both BOR and LOSFA also receive the transcript detail extract. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Inability for DOE to determine which students are to qualify for certain scholarships, such as TOPS. Scholarships, both TOPS and non-TOPS are $ANNUALLY. Inability for BOR to determine for some graduates to eligibility to attend post-secondary institutions. Key 1M-2M In-house Rewrite to C#.NET Core OEPT-457