HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Education Childcare Assistance Program System (CAPS) CAPS is a system to determine eligibility for CCAP childcare assistance based upon Child Care Development Block Grant Act of 2014 and Federal Standard 45 CFR Part 98.  CAPS will be replaced with the Department of Education's EdLink system. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact For the month of December 2017, DOE made payments to daycare facilities totaling $5,328.134.44. The failure of this application would halt payments to daycare centers providing critical services to Louisiana citizens who are considered at risk, which are 16,724 children and included 910 daycare facilities statewide as of December 2017. It would also stop attendance verification which has the potential to increase fraud. This would prevent DOE staff from determining child eligibility for daycare and also would prevent DOE from receiving referrals from Strategies to Empower People (STEP) program for placing children in daycare. Key 1M-2M EdLink Student Portal OEPT-387
Department of Education Bureau of Licensing Application System (BLAS) Child Care Center Licensing Application In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Key 100K-500K EdLink Entity Portal OEPT-429
Department of Education Human Capital System (HCS) The HCS is a data system that supports human capital functions such as goal-setting, professional development planning, observation/conferencing cycles, and annual evaluations for teachers and leaders across the state. The HCS links to PEP to obtain basic personnel information and to CVR to obtain value-added data. HCS may be expanded to support additional human capital processes, including recruitment and staffing. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Personnel decisions such as promotions and terminations are made using data from this system. If unavailable, it severely limits the ability for professional development planning and evaluations. This system is used in conjunction with other systems to calculate the VAM scores. This could result in the failure to identify underperforming educators and take the necessary correction actions with these educators, thereby reducing the ability of the state to educate students properly. Key 1M-2M EdLink Staff Portal OEPT-439
Department of Education Password Reset System (PRS) This application works in conjunction with TAS to allow users to reset their own passwords. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact State would need to hire additional personnel to manually support statewide user base at an annual cost of approximately $300-$500K. Without this system, users and system administrators across the state would not be able to update user passwords. Users would have to contact OTS to manage and update all (30,000+) accounts for users of LDOE's data systems. Normal 100K-500K EdLink Security OEPT-449
Department of Education Totally Automated Security (TAS) TAS is a custom built identity management solution that allows security coordinators at the school districts, charter schools, LEAs, etc. to create user accounts, manage their access to various DOE data applications, and reset passwords. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Potential loss of all federal and state dollars associated to requirements of data collection. Without this system, no users would be able to authenticate/gain access to any of the LDOE data systems. No schools or districts across the state would be able to submit, update or export data from LDOE's state data systems. Normal 100K-500K EdLink Security OEPT-464