HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Transportation and Development Avaya PBX Phone Systems DOTD is the only agency with its own PBX (private branch exchange), or phone system within the Executive Branch. This phone system is past the product’s EOL, and is currently managed by a 3rd party vendor, which means it is not supported by OTS telecommunications staff. In addition, this phone system feeds the Governor’s mansion phone system for all official telecommunications to and from the mansion. In addition to the PBX infrastructure, phones, call management software, and the phone system’s wiring in the DOTD facilities State-wide and the Governor’s mansion is outdated and need of replacement when a new system replaces the existing PBX. There are 12 PBX systems supporting DOTD. DOTD uses this system as its primary voice communication system across the State. Voice communication would resort to personal cellular devices, satellite mi-fi devices, DOTD hand-held radio s (limited number), GET cards, fixed satellite dish (36 phones), and mobile satellite trailer (36 phones). DOTD is a major ESF-1 and ESF-3 State agency. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Failure of its PBX system could result in major socia-economic impact as roads and bridges in Louisiana could remain unusable due to limited communication in an emergency or disaster situation, impacting citizens and business in and out of Louisiana. Key 2M-5M OEPT-1098
Department of Transportation and Development geauxpass.com / IETCS-II - Integrated Electronic Toll Collection System GeauxPass allows for automated toll colletion via vehicle decals. Processing is conducted locally via a server in Leesville. This data is replicated to the ISB. However there is no redundancy for the data network both to the server and to the ISB. Also there are security concerns with the local server.; https://www.geauxpass.com/ https://www.geauxpass.com/olcsc/ http://www8.dotd.la.gov/geauxpass/ In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Tolls can still be collected via cash or credit card should GeauxPass go down. The credit card component is dependent upon the existing network to route to Bank of America for processing. If this network goes down, the toll booth performs manual credit card processing on paper and transactions are entered once the network is back up. GeauxPass generates $XX annually. The public would experience delays when using the toll booth, however the functionality of GeauxPass will be able to exist although greatly inefficient. It is estimated that XX vehicles pass through the GeauxPass toll annually. Key 2M-5M OEPT-1105
Department of Transportation and Development LaPave This application has been approved for creation and will revamp old Excel mix design spreadsheet to web-based application with public interface for contractors (producers/suppliers). It will be used to manage asphalt and concrete mix designs. It will also centralize mix design and QC/QA for asphalt and concrete projects. LaPave will centralize the data in a single data management structure. The application being web based, the users will have mix design and reporting availability via internet, as well as enhanced communication between users of different agencies. Having the data structured as such will allow for reporting of historical data, as well as, reporting statistical analytics to assist with data driven decision making related to materials.; http://wwwapps2.dotd.la.gov/engineering/lapave/ Complete 4 - Devastating Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies gained by replacing the existing Excel driven process. The current solution is wrought with inefficiencies and a new web-based application will enhance the State and contractor experience and provide better visibility into the road construction projects tracked with the application. Normal 100K-500K OEPT-1213