HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Timesheet Timesheet information is cross-referenced with data from Enforcement citation system. This application imports data that is scanned from law enforcement officers’ handwritten timesheets and allows for correction. It is used to cross-reference duties in the citation system. Depending on the duty, grant funding may be used to pay the salary of the agents. In-Progress 3 - High Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies lost. This is an internal facing application. Potential degradation of services to constituents from undetermined potential efficiencies lost. Key 49K-100K OEPT-513266, OEPT-513326, OEPT-513327 OEPT-295
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries LA Game Lottery Internal facing application that allows entry of lottery applicants for the chance to hunt or fish on various wildlife management areas. Information is entered (lottery manager or student) using information from mailed in application. Once all applicants have been entered and the application deadline is reached, the computer center runs the random selection program and notifies the lottery manager. The number of lotteries averages about 20 per year with 4670 applicants for the 2017 season. Each lottery can have one or multiple "selections" with preference points being assigned to applicants based on the previous 3 years not having been selected. Not Started 3 - High Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies lost. Lottery selections can still take place but the benefits of preference points from the previous 3 years would not be used causing issues of fairness. Normal 49K-100K OEPT-513317 OEPT-309