HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Louisiana Department of Health OBH-FTP-PPMR Patient Population Report.  Complete Normal 0-49K OEPT-609
Louisiana Department of Health OBH-PIP (Patient Information Program) Provides administrative and clinical data on all persons served in each OBH/MH inpatient program statewide. These Applications are linked to HCS, which is the Medical Dispensing and Inventory Control application. This Application is used to track Medications dispensed to the Clients at Central State Hospital. Data is shared between these various Applications, and everything done in the Pharmacy is based on what is in PIP. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact Potential undeterminable economic impact due to efficiencies lost. The Data in both PIP and the Incident Applications are critical to the operations at Central State Hospital, and the care of the Clients that are housed there. This system tracks all patient information for Central Hospital (120 patients) and East Louisiana Mental Health System (650 patients). Information is used to generate Uncompensated Cost Care Reports for Medicaid and DSH Audits. Key 100K-500K WebPIP OEPT-635
Louisiana Department of Health OBH-PIP-Incident Tracking ELMHS - Accesses same patient database, adding data regarding client incidents as the PIP application as it is a component of PIP. This is a component of PIP. See OBH-PIP above. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Normal 100K-500K WebPIP OEPT-637
Louisiana Department of Health OPH-PHAME (Public Health Automated Management Enabler) PHAME is a mission-critical, statewide application used to determine eligibility for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. This system is in public health facilities and WIC contract agencies across the state, impacting an average of 117, 989 participants. WIC benefits are provided through a system of retail grocery stores across the state, there are approximately 559 authorized vendors. PHAME collects demographic data, vendor data, food instrument data and product data. The system provides direct interface with Solutran electronic payment processing technology for reconciliation of food instruments and the return of redemption data and amounts on a daily basis. PHAME captures all relevant participant information, food prescriptions and generates pre-defined reports based on data it has collected. Complete 4 - Devastating Impact The State would not be able to collect infant formula rebates of approximately $3,000,000 per month. Funding to 559 authorized vendors will be impacted by a system crash along with over $100,000,000 of annual federal funding from the USDA The program provides nutrition assistance to over 118,000 citizens over 80,000 of which are children and infants. Key 2M-5M LaWIN OEPT-813
Louisiana Department of Health OPH-PHAME Warehouse Public Health Automated Management Enabler (PHAME) warehouse. This is a component of PHAME. See OPH-PHAME above Complete 2 - Medium Impact Normal 100K-500K OEPT-815