HCR121 (2017 Regular Session) Dashboard

Agency Application Description PMO Moderization Status Loss Impact Economic Impact Social Impact Finding Type Replacement Cost Replaced By Key
Louisiana Workforce Commission Automated Clearing House (ACH) This is the bank routing information where monies are deposited from employers of the state. LWC receives a file from Chase with UI tax payments and they are sent to the mainframe and processed and applied to the employers’ record in the database. In-Progress 3 - High Impact ACH process UI payments annually of $194M, which would be delayed. This is a critical system that processes the UI tax payments. This is how taxes are received. If this was not available UI Claims could not be paid. Key 500K-1M OEPT-960
Louisiana Workforce Commission Imaging System (IBM FileNet) FileNet is the document management platform for the entire agency. This system is used by all aspects of the organization and is integrated into the various systems of record (Hire Unemployment System, Hire Workforce Development System, Office of WC Records Management System, Human Resources). In-Progress 2 - Medium Impact If FileNet fails the faxes would not work. They come in on a virtual server and are only visible in FileNet. In addition, without FileNet, LWC would be working from paper only. All supporting documentation would have to be received via regular mail or email. Some documents create work items which are queued to staff for completion. Without FileNet all of that goes away and LWC is required to work from physical sheets of paper on staff members’ desks. Based on 2017, this is in excess of 13,000 items per month. The need to increase staff, or utilize overtime, would be required to keep production current. This is not a public facing application, but these records are critical to functions and processing of unemployment benefits, and other aspects of the agency. Key 500K-1M OEPT-977
Louisiana Workforce Commission LWC Public Website (LAWorks.net) LaWorks.net serves as the main website and portal for LWC. The website hosts the links to all services provided by LWC including Unemployment, Workforce Development Programs, Workers Compensation, Labor Market Statistics and more such as agency web pages, images, procurements, job announcements, Marquee Maintenance System, releases and other public information. It has been described as “outdated” and “inefficient” by the public . Not Started 3 - High Impact Should LAWorks.net not be available the economic impact could be devastating to those who rely on wages from unemployment payments annually of $194M, or those seeking employment services. Citizens in and out of Louisiana and employers rely on the self-service features of the website to locate services, apply for unemployment benefits, seek employment and training services, report wages, etc. and all of these related actions would be severely hampered should the website not be available. Normal 49K-100K OEPT-978
Louisiana Workforce Commission Mainframe Tax Processing Batch and online system to process all UI tax accounts and transactions, print letters, bankruptcy, employer status, field audit, liens, OWD, UI Monetary, Leg. aud., Human resources, file maintenance and R& S reports. In-Progress 4 - Devastating Impact Estimated tax payments per year are $166M (2017 numbers). This is a critical system for Unemployment. This system is the source of record for UI tax operations. Without this system UI taxes could not be managed and claims could not be paid. Key 5M-10M OEPT-1000
Louisiana Workforce Commission Second Injury Board (SIB) – Claims Management System – Office of Workers Compensation Multiple departmental applications written in Microsoft Access (Legal, Workers Compensation, and Management & Finance). The access database that is used within the OWCA is the Second Injury Board’s claim system. The program was developed in 1999 and hasn’t been supported in over 11 years. The program is used as a claim system for the SIB. The staff records claim information including claim identifying fields, claim activity records and claim payment records. Not Started 2 - Medium Impact Claim information and payment information for claims totaling close to $60M per year are tracked in this system. Loss or compromise of this data could be detrimental to the operations of the Board and would result in substantial public image defacing. Key 500K-1M OEPT-1007